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The End of Debate

McCarthy is back is more ways than I described before. The anger I have witnessed of late, toward my words and many in the public sphere, has concerned and discouraged me to the extent that this will be my final posting of the short-lived return of The SkyeWire. There are more dramatic and effective long term ways for me to push for a better world.

The more I contemplate the current escalating climate of the so-called progressive movement that mob-shames comedians, filmmakers, provocateurs, and indeed any of those with alternative political opinions, the more I realize that this blogger-echo-chamber is no place for me, a conclusion I reached years ago and apparently forgot. 

Before I go away, however, I would like to urge my fellow so-called progressives, once champions of this kind of writing, and all others, to really think about their role in the debate to shape the future of humankind.

Why are people so outraged and dismissive towards one another? Majorities are now engaged in narcissistic tribalism, blanketed in the comfort of their chosen cynical and sensationalist cable news pundit, which we cannot be okay with. I understand that we live in consequential times, and there is so much injustice all around, but by stifling debate, discouraging new journalism, torpedoing careers, and refusing to try to understand others’ points of views, we are as complicit in the negative forces of our society as your perceived political and/or ethical enemies.

Let me remind you of Socrates, who said something along the lines of, “All I know is that I know nothing at all.” Yet, it seems that everyone knows everything. Maybe I’m wrong. Indeed I would bet that I’m wrong about a whole lot of my perceived truths. 

For now, I find the idea that one must be against this U.S. President in the exactly a particular way, the anti-Russia way, to be absolutely preposterous. We live in an age where the mobs don’t even want to hear it anymore. I suppose this is the nature of mobs. Just because you stare behind a screen at work without a pitchfork doesn’t mean you aren’t calling to “kill the BEAST!”

I’m not actually going away, but rather plan to focus on my audio-visual art instead of opening myself up to the anger and potential persecution by my own (former) political side on the Internet. My worry is that too much of my energy will be wasted on ineffectual words that just further harden the calloused hearts and minds of our political discourse. 

We need to be better, folks.

Today is so different from when I wrote public essays 7-10 years ago. I don’t recognize this world anymore. We live in awkward times.  All I can do with confidence is work on my craft and do my best to try and bring people together around common sense reform, empathy, and love through art. It will take time, though.

Please don’t be your side’s version of McCarthy, and leave your tribe. Be independent. Turn off the cable news, search outside your “NEWS” app, and study the issues yourself. I am optimistic, and to stay so, I will pursue environmental and societal improvements in my own ways.

If we stay cool-headed and independent, we are going to be fine.



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