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The End of Debate

McCarthy is back is more ways than I described before. The anger I have witnessed of late, toward my words and many in the public sphere, has concerned and discouraged me to the extent that this will be my final posting of the short-lived return of The SkyeWire. There are more dramatic and effective long term ways for me to push for a better world.
The more I contemplate the current escalating climate of the so-called progressive movement that mob-shames comedians, filmmakers, provocateurs, and indeed any of those with alternative political opinions, the more I realize that this blogger-echo-chamber is no place for me, a conclusion I reached years ago and apparently forgot. 
Before I go away, however, I would like to urge my fellow so-called progressives, once champions of this kind of writing, and all others, to really think about their role in the debate to shape the future of humankind.
Why are people so outraged and dismissive towards one another? Majorities are now engaged in na…
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The McCarthy Mobs are here, they are growing, and I will not join them.

McCarthy Returns in two nationalistic, yet unique ways: “Establishment” McCarthyism (with Russia as the enemy) and “Populist” McCarthyism (with Hispanics as the enemy). 

Today’s Establishment McCarthyism stems from a fear of the outsider, just like the fear of the Hispanic immigrant, yet it is specifically the fear of autocratic Russian control over functions of US democracy. This fear, based on Russian hacking of DNC emails, has been conflated by the establishment elites to convince the populace into believing that President Trump is a stooge and puppet of Putin’s Russian government. Brewing throughout the Mueller investigation, this sentiment is not only growing at an alarming rate, but is reaching radical new extremes.  
We now have Democratic leadership and some Republican leadership accusing the American President of treason. These nationalistic conspiratorial sentiments are spreading throughout the population like wildfire by CNN, MSNBC, and social media, mostly affecting the anti…